Strongarm MightyMount Operator Interface System

The MightyMount Combines Machinery-Grade Durability with User-Friendly Ergonomics

The MightyMount is the first display and keyboard mounting system to provide an industrial-strength, ergonomic, PC-based solution for use in industrial manufacturing environments.

Unlike office-grade products, which are typically made from plastics or low-grade metals, Strongarm’s MightyMount is built from highly durable cast aluminum alloy to withstand the rigors of tough industrial environments. The MightyMount is designed to be ergonomically friendly, with 12”of vertical counterbalanced adjustment allowing for one-hand positioning with minimal effort. The display and keyboard remain level throughout vertical travel and lock in place for safety. The display can be tilted and also rotated a full 340 degrees, while the mounting system features 180 degrees of swiveling articulation, making the display easy to position precisely where needed.

Displays for Strongarms’s MightyMount are available in 15.1”, 17.1” and 19.1” sizes with optional resistive touchscreen technology. The MightyMount can also accept third-party VESA-compatible desktop displays. It can be mounted on any fixed surface (wall, machine top, bench top, or floor post) and offers a variety of optional extensions that allow it to be installed and easily accessible in any environment.

When not in use, the MightyMount can be folded to a compact 5”, saving valuable space. The MightyMount can also be configured with a variety of additional options, including adjustable-tilt keyboards, bar code scanner brackets, and sliding mouse trays that allow the mouse to be positioned on either side of the keyboard. The MightyMount’s extreme durability, combined with its ergonomic adjustability and versatility, make it the ideal mounting for displays and keyboards in an industrial environment.

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