Strongarm MightyMount Operator Interface System

Strongarm’s MightyMount Helps Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering Increase Output

Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering Inc., which specializes in the design and build of molds for the plastics industry, has boosted employee performance and overall plant productivity by investing in the MightyMount from Strongarm Designs. The MightyMount is a machinery grade articulating display and keyboard mounting that combines rugged durability with easy-to-use, ergonomic design.

“Finding equipment that can be adjusted to fit the needs of multiple employees in small environments is a big challenge for us,” said Tom Madden, Hi-Tech Mold’s IT manager. “Up to five different workers use this operator interface system in a 24-hour period, and the variation was causing data errors and discrepancies. We need equipment that maximizes space and meets employees’ needs.”

Hi-Tech Mold is utilizing the MightyMount to run CAD design applications on the plant floor. This requires ergonomic adjustability and versatility, combined with extreme durability for their industrial environment. The MightyMount is constructed of machine-grade cast aluminum to withstand repeated repositioning from multiple users. According to Madden, unlike other mounting options, Strongarm’s equipment was easy to specify and install. The intuitive design and small footprint allowed Madden to implement the new operator interface units into the current plant floor without making design modifications.

The MightyMount provides 12” of vertical adjustment and swiveling articulation on both ends of the arm, with a vertical lock-in-place feature that provides added stability and security. Employees feel comfortable using the equipment, sitting or standing– and the results can be seen in the quality of their work. Madden said, “Our biggest gains by far from this investment are more accurate data and happier employees. We’ve seen measureable improvements in terms of both production and morale.”

About Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering Inc.
Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering, Inc (Rochester Hills, Mich.) is a family owned and operated company that specializes in the design and build of production and prototype molds for the plastics industry. Since opening in 1982, Hi-Tech offers unsurpassed quality, short lead times and the most contemporary and peerless technology available.

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