The MightyMount from Strongarm

Our heavy-duty display/keyboard mounting is built like a piece of machinery using heavy duty components, easily differentiating it from the slew of competitive “computer store” grade mountings. While similar in outward appearance, its robust, die-cast aluminum construction and simplified functionality is favored among OEMs and end-users alike.

What we do

Display/Keyboard Mountings, Operator Interface Systems, Displays & More

effortless repositioning

The MightyMount offers counter-balanced adjustability featuring 12″ of vertical adjustment with lock-in-place security

durable and long-lasting

High strength cast aluminum construction makes the MightyMount perfectly suited for industrial environments

variety of options

Choose from a wide selection of extensions accessories to best suit your application needs.

What makes Strongarm different?

At STRONGARM, it’s all about design. Drawing on 30 years and 70,000 installations worth of experience, we can design and manufacture the ideal interface solutions for your specific application. And since all of our fabrication, finishing, and assembly is done in-house, we can deliver our products faster and more cost effectively than anyone; whether it’s one of a kind or one thousand!

Our Innovative Products Include:

  • The MightyMount
  • Industrial Panel Mount Displays
  • The MiniStation, featuring our Vertica articulating arm
  • Terminal Mounting Solutions
  • Large Screen Display Systems
  • Wall Stations
  • Mobile Stations
  • Special Designs

Why Choose US

Wide Range of Options

Our wide range of HMI solutions can address every industrial need; everything from ruggedized displays and mounting arms to complete operator interface systems designed for deployment in any environment, including washdown, clean room, and hazardous areas.

A One-Stop Shop

Because all of our manufacturing facilities are in-house, Strongarm can quickly turn around customized HMI solutions to fit your exact application requirements. And with our team of expert engineers and 30 years of experience, Strongarm has the capability and knowledge to find the ideal solution for any installation…from simple ruggedized display mountings to hazardous area HMIs.

The Right Solution

As you’ll see by browsing through our design galleries, there are many examples of quality stainless steel products that focus on two of our core markets: pharmaceutical companies and food processing plants. Beyond that, we have extensive experience in clean room designs and aggressive wash down areas, as well as general manufacturing, military, transportation, OEM machinery and healthcare markets.

“It’s good to be different”

Particularly in our market. Strongarm is different because we don’t just do specials…we embrace them. From environmental and ergonomic  considerations to installation challenges and unique component choices, virtually every application has a few twists. And the reason we can be different? Because we do all the design, fabrication, finishing and assembly in-house while drawing from our huge inventory of stock parts. We can tailor our products faster and more cost effectively than anyone, whether it’s one of a kind or one thousand.

We offer multiple agency approved systems and safety assurance not available with do-it-yourself systems. Strongarm provides the most current safety strategies for the best protection of people and processes. Customization permits you to strategically place an easily accessible operator interface system anywhere in your environment and still meet safety requirements.

Whether it’s a simple desktop display mounting or a complete system suited for a hazardous environment, Strongarm has the experience and expertise to provide you with the ideal operator interface system for your application needs.

Let us know what you’re looking for, and our sales team will be in touch to help you find the exact product for your application.

Our sales team is on hand to answer any of your industrial display and HMI questions. Because of our years of experience and extensive knowledge, it’s likely that we’ll have the ideal solution for your application, large or small.