STRONGARM Introduces First Industrial-Strength Stainless Steel Mouse

STRONGARM Designs’ latest plant floor/process area innovation, the Stainless Steel Mouse, increases the accuracy and efficiency of operator industrial data input, reducing costly data entry errors. 

“In the early days of plant floor computing, industrial pointing devices were sufficient to run the simple software applications of the time,” said Bill Fleming, STRONGARM’s National Sales Manager. “But as PCs have evolved and companies have come to rely on increasingly sophisticated software applications, the need for a more efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly interface has become much more important.” In a study conducted by the Department of Computer Science at York University in Toronto, the mouse was tested against a variety of other pointing devices under strict ISO 9241 standards. The results showed that mouse users are on average 91% more efficient in both speed and accuracy when compared to their effectiveness with other pointing devices.

With the introduction of the Stainless Steel Mouse, STRONGARM is able to bring this high level of speed and accuracy to the industrial plantfloor environment. Its sleek, ergonomic design makes it a more user-friendly alternative to older industrial-style pointers, providing greater efficiency and increasing data entry accuracy.

The Stainless Steel Mouse is constructed out of 316 stainless steel and is NEMA 4X rated with a fully sealed, airtight design that enables it to be completely submerged in water for more rigorous wash-down applications. In addition, the unique design provides superior wipe-down cleanability for pharmaceutical environments.

“A mouse makes our operators as effective as they can be, however, it must withstand rigorous chemical cleanings and sterilizations in the production environment, and STRONGARM’s stainless steel mouse meets production needs and survives this harsh environment reliably,” said John Healy, a systems engineer at Merck & Co. “Over many years of service, I haven’t had any hardware failures with STRONGARM’s mouse.”

• Completely sealed, cleanable and submergible.
• Optical technology with LogiTech optical sensor.
• Operates at temperatures from -20C to 60C.
• Sealed mechanical keys with 0.4 mm key travel.
• Specially designed mouse pads are integrated directly into your STRONGARM system for optimal functionality.

The stainless steel mouse is another example of STRONGARM’s ability to draw from its large catalog of solutions to configure a system that’s tailored to customers’ specific interface needs. Other pointer options from STRONGARM include the DuraPoint, MicroModule, HulaPoint, trackball, and touchpad, as well as three different touchscreen technologies. The Stainless Steel Mouse is available on all STRONGARM systems including the MiniStation, Suite-Station, Mini-Console, Wall Station, and Mobile Stations.