Strongarm KVM Extenders

Strongarm Certified Hazardous Area KVM Extenders

Strongarm’s series of KVM extenders incorporate industry-proven solutions from Adder Technology and are suitable for non-incendive and Class 1 Division II environments.

Strongarm’s systems now allow the user to store their critical computing hardware in a controlled environment whilst locating the HMI where needed. The system, which incorporates an Adder KVM extender, allows users to take advantage of a split architecture solution and integrate their complete system, including USB components, into hazardous areas.

The new KVM system features transparent USB 2.0 connectivity and provides uncompressed video with zero latency and digital audio whilst accommodating ranges up to 164’ (50m) with DVI, and 1000’ (300m) with VGA over CATx. Both models offer four USB ports and can connect with nearly any USB device, including keyboards, mice, barcode scanners, touchscreens, and RFID scanners.

A variety of Strongarms’s HMI products (including the MiniStation, featuring the industry standard Vertica adjustable arm, as well other products such as Wall Stations, in-wall Suite-Stations, and Pedestal Stations) can be configured for deployment in most hazardous areas.

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