Pharmaceutical Solutions: Designed Specifically To Meet The Stringent Sanitary Requirements Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

Strongarm Designs is the industry’s leading provider of clean room interface solutions optimized for the pharmaceutical industry. Our many innovations include:

  • Aseptic displays which provide superior wipe-down cleanability for pharmaceutical environments by eliminating the ledge associated with traditional panel-mount displays, creating a smooth, crevice-free exterior surface that eliminates particle accumulation.
  • Rounded edges to eliminate tight corners where particulates could accumulate
  • Front door and rear door solutions to protect the environment from interior components while allowing easy access for maintenance
  • Innovative in-wall design allowing access to interior components without compromising the wall seal.
  • Optional removable keyboard modules that maintain the Suite-Station’s sanitary seal.
  • Optional fold-up keyboard modules that provide improved ergonomic interaction when in use, yet fold flush-to-the-wall to save space.
  • Wide variety of pointer options, including our exclusive Stainless Steel mouse, which features superior cleanability and durability, as well as the touch pad, which minimizes the potential for particle accumulation.
  • Our variety of touchscreen options can also eliminate the need for a pointer device entirely, making the Suite-Station even more cleanable.
  • The exclusive Strongarm mechanical switch keyboard, which includes beveled edges which make it easy to clean. The polyester overlay also provides a superior cleanable surface and is resistant to many cleaning agents typically found in the pharmaceutical environment.