Operator Interface Terminal Mountings

Operator Interface Terminal Mounting enclosures are built to meet your exact terminal specifications. The counterbalanced vertical motion of the Vertica Arm allows the operator to effortlessly lift, lower and reposition the HMI enclosure using one hand by pulling on the on the release handle, once released the arm automatically locks in the vertical position. NEMA Type 4 and 12 units are made from powder coated carbon steel and cast aluminum while Type 4X units are fabricated from either 304 or 316L Stainless Steel. Strongarm offers complete integration services for all Operator Interface Mountings, including customer supplied component integration, electrical wiring or customer specified and Strongarm procured and wired components.

  • Three choices of vertical gas spring assisted articulation (V – 13″; L – 23″; XL – 30″)
  • NEMA Type 4/12 (Powder Coated Steel) or Type 4X (304/316L Stainless)
  • IP54, IP64, IP65 & IP66 configurations available
  • A 1.4” (35mm) internal cable passageway maintains the NEMA rating and protects cables and wires.
  • Enclosure can swivel 320 degrees
  • Variety of different pointer options are available including Strongarm’s patented Stainless Steel Mouse
  • Mechanical Keyswitch Keyboard with super durable polyester overlay
  • Numerous mounting options, including Wall-Mount, Post Mount and Machine Top Mount
  • Enclosures are fabricated from 14 gauge carbon (4/12) or stainless steel (4X) to your exact terminal or display specs
  • Aluminum Subpanel on rear door for mounting terminal blocks, PC’s, KVM’s or other components
  • 1/4 turn latches on rear door
  • Optional Purge systems allow for installation in any Division 1 or Division 2 hazardous area
  • Intrinsically Safe Non-Incendive options are also available for Class I Division 2 areas
  • Type 4/12 units available with a variety of stock colors, however custom color are available upon reques
  • All OIT Enclosures are fabricated from scratch so we can meet HMI requirements
  • UL 508A Listed (File No E225791)

Vertical Travel Vertica 13 inches
Vertica L 23 inches
Vertical XL 30 inches
Counterbalance Capacity Vertica 100 lbs
Vertica L 75 lbs
Vertical XL 50 lbs
Load Limitations 320 ft/lb maximum on swivel joint. Consult factory for larger loads.
Cable Passageway 1.4" (35MM) diameter sealed continuous passageway maintains the NEMA Rating and protects wires and cables
Finishing RA35; #6 Brushed satin finish on NEMA 4X Stainless, Powder Coated Alum. on NEMA 12 Primed and Powder Coated Alum on NEMA 4
NEMA Rating NEMA Type 4/12/4X
Standard Rotations Stops (Custom stops available upon request) Enclosure Swivel stop at ±165°
Post Top Mount stop at ±165°
Wall Mount stop at ±90°
Machine Top Mount stop at ±165°
Middle Joint stop at ±126°
Rigid Wall Mount stop at ±126°
NEMA Type Type 4/12/4X
Construction Precision Laser-cut; Bent and continuously TIG welded. All seams ground smooth.
Enclosure Material Type 4/12 (14g Carbon Steel Low Carbon Sheet) Type 4X (14g 304/316L Stainless Steel Sheet)
Finishing RA35; #6 Brushed satin finish on NEMA 4X Stainless Powder Coated Steel on NEMA 12 Primed and Powder Coated Steel on NEMA 4
Reinforcement Folded and welded stiffener designed for Vertica or Cableway pendant arm mounting.
Cut-outs Vertica arm handle standard, pushbuttons and other cutouts as specified by customer.
Agency Approval UL 508A, Rohs
Rear Door/Front Door Available upon request for access to cabling and drives, 14g plate with Black Acetal Bezel and Gasket
Side Doors 14g plate with Black Acetal Bezel and Gasket as required for access to cabling, drives, PCs etc.
Gaskets Oil Resistant Silicone foam door gaskets on NEMA 4/4X Poron door gaskets on NEMA 12.
Latches NEMA 4/4X: Stainless Steel 1/4 turn slotted latches. NEMA 12; ¼ turn chrome slotted latch with zinc die black housing
Hinges NEMA 4/4X/12: Rear door: 316 Stainless Steel lift-off hinges.

NEMA 4/12 Mounting Options

(Click here to see NEMA 4X Mounting Options)

  Arm Selections
Vertica Vertica L Vertica XL Cableway
  Mounting Selections
Post Top Mount Wall Mount Blind Wall Mount Machine Top Mount
  Configuration Selections
Standard Inverted Supported Inverted/Supported
  Extension Selections
Horizontal Extension Midjoint Extension  Rigid Wall Mount Vertical Extension


NEMA 4X Mounting Options

  Arm Selections
Vertica Vertica L Vertica XL Cableway
  Mounting Selections
Post Top Mount Wall Mount Wall Mount with Coupling Machine Top Mount
  Configuration Selections
Standard Inverted Supported Inverted/Supported
  Extension Selections
Horizontal Extension Midjoint Extension  Rigid Wall Mount Vertical Extension

Post Options

  Post Selections
Standard Post Short Post Short Post With Studs Machine Base Post
  Gusset & Cable Entry Selections
Gusset Post Base Conical Gusset Post Base 1 1/2" NPT Conduit  Junction Box
Strongarm Membrane Keyboard
Mechanical Keyswitch Membrane Keyboard Mechanical Keyswitch Membrane Keyboard with Integrated Trackball
  • Mechanical Keyswitches provide tactile user feedback
  • Sealed Polyester overlay
  • Also available with integrated trackball
  • Ideal for washdown/wipedown environments
Download the STRONGARM Keyboard Data Sheet
Rubber Keyboards
  • Sealed and Durable
  • Raised Keys for Improved Tactile Feel
  • Available with Several Integrated Pointer Options
Rubber Keyboard Rubber Keyboard with Hula Pointer Rubber Keyboard with MicroModule

Pointer Selections

STRONGARM Stainless Steel Mouse
  • NEMA 4X Rated:Completely sealed, cleanable...even submersible
  • Ergonomic: Bring the familiarity of a mouse to the industrial environment
  • Durable: 316 stainless steel construction stands up to extreme conditions
Other Pointer Selections
Touchpad Optical Trackball Joystick DuraPoint (PS/2 only) MicroModule (with or without joystick)
  Cooling Options
3" and 4" Filtered Fans Thermoelectric Cooler Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger Vortex Cooler
Strip Heater Fan Heater
  Cable Entry
Strongarm Cable Gland Cable Gland AC Cord Holder Washdown USB Port
CAT5 Port Washdown CAT5 Port Washdown Power Port 3-Pole Washdown Serial Port
  Power Management
Power Strip
Terminal Blocks: DIN Rail Mounted AC Power Strip AC Outlet (DIN Rail mounted) Dual AC Outlet
Transtector Surge Suppressor Transtector Surge Suppressor (DIN Rail mounted) Ditek Surge Suppressor 24 DC Power Supply (2.5A or 4.2A)
Circuit Breaker
  Hazardous Area Options
Ethernet Quick Disconnect PSCAN Hazardous Area Scanner (Available for Zone 1 and Zone 2)  PS/2 Isolator USB Isolator
  Sound Options
Strongarm Speaker  Strongarm Non-incendive Speaker
  Push Buttons
ON/OFF Switch-AB E-Stop-AB Reset-AB LED Pilot Light
Hazardous Area Pushbutton-AB 800H Hazardous Area E-Stop-AB 800H Hazardous Area ON/OFF-AB 800H Hazardous Area Pilot Light
  Door Options
Side Access Door Locking Wing Latch Wing Latch Triangular Insert Latch
Slotted Latch Lexan Viewing Window
  Cut-out Options
Push Button Cut-Outs
  Miscellaneous Options
Bar Code Scanner Bracket (shown with optional scanner) Ethernet Coupler Dual Ethernet Coupler Wireless Delrin Antenna Block
Wireless USB Antenna USB Hub Stacklight Phenolic Nameplate
Stainless Steel Laser Marked Nameplate
Download Vertica and Enclosure Specifications:
STRONGARM NEMA 4/12 Vertica Arm & Enclosures
STRONGARM NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Vertica Arm & Enclosures

Download PC Specifications:
STRONGARM B-Series Fanless PC

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