The CleanMount features an internal cable passageway, eliminating all external cables. In addition, it was designed with smooth, rounded surfaces, making the entire unit ultra-cleanable. The system provides multiple pivot points that allow the display and keyboard to be positioned wherever the user needs it.

At STRONGARM Designs, we’re focused on quality and design in operator interface systems. Our CleanMount system with its robust aluminum construction makes it extremely durable, making it right at home in environments ranging from clean rooms, industrial environments, and hospitals.


  • Sealed Cable Passageway; No Exposed Cables
  • 100% Counterbalanced
  • 16” of Vertical Articulation
  • Keyboard Tray Standard
  • Optional Keyboard Enclosure with 17.5″ x 9″ Work Surface
  • 75 and 100 mm VESA Display Mounting Pattern
  • Secure Lock-in-Place Feature
  • Robust Aluminum Construction
  • Display and Keyboard Maintain a Level Position Throughout Vertical Travel
  • Pivoting Ergonomic Display Reduces Glare and Enhances Visibility
  • Dual Swivel Ends Allow for Precise Ergonomic Repositioning
  • Folds to 10” for Convenient Stowaway
  • Six User-Adjustable Sealed Friction Joints
  • Up to 52″ Reach From Wall With Optional Extension
  • Integrated STRONGARM Display and Keyboard are Completely Sealed and Cable-Free
  • Lifetime product warranty

Adjustability Vertical Travel 16 inches
Swivel at Display End 340 degrees
Swivel at Mounting End 180 degrees
Display Tilt Forward 15 degrees Back 45 degrees 
Vertical Positioning Counter balanced vertical adjustability
Display and keyboard maintain level when repositioned via internal mechanism
Materials of Construction 356 aluminum alloy
Cable Management Removable cover
Mounting Styles Mounts on any wall, machine surface, or track mounting. (STRONGARM track available in any size.)
Finish 2-part catalyzed polyurethane antimicrobial powder coat and custom colors available

STRONGARM can provide your CleanMount with an assortment of different display and touchscreen options.

Desktop Display   Ruggedized Painted Display  
STRONGARM can configure your CleanMount with a variety of displays and touchscreen options.

(The CleanMount can accommodate any customer supplied display that has a standard VESA mounting pattern.)

Manufactured from Steel, these ruggedized displays have a powder coated finish and are ideal for applications where durability is a concern.  Touch screen options are also available.
Ruggedized Stainless Steel Display Sealed Stainless Steel Display
Manufactured from 304 or 316L Stainless Steel, these ruggedized displays are ideal for applications were durability and cleanability are important. Touch screen options are also available. Similar to the Ruggedized Stainless Steel Display, our Sealed Display is configured so that the display cables pass directly into the neck of the CleanMount, providing a complete, 100% cable-free system. Manufactured from 304 or 316L Stainless Steel, these displays are ideal for applications were durability and cleanability are important. Touch screen options are also available.


USB Hub for Keyboard Enclosure Option Bar Code Scanner Bracket Track Mounted Universal PC Bracket Track Mounted Thin Client Bracket
Track Mounted Thin Client Enclosure Dual VESA Display Bracket

Download CleanMount Specifications:
STRONGARM CleanMount (POC Applications)

Download PC Specifications:
STRONGARM B-Series Fanless PC

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