C & B Machinery Chooses STRONGARM as Their Standard Operator Interface Terminal Mounting Solution

C & B Machinery, a Livonia, Michigan based builder of Production Grinding Machines since 1980, and one of North America’s largest suppliers of Double Disc Grinders, turns to STRONGARM Designs as their choice for operator interfaces and has been using the STRONGARM Operator Interface Mountings as their standard on all of their new and remanufactured grinders since 1997.

The first STRONGARM pendants were installed on a project for Ford Motor which in turn solved all the ergonomic concerns for height and reach. Prior to C & B using the STRONGARM Vertica pendant arm, a second operator pushbutton station had to be installed at the rear of the machine for setup purposes. C & B was able to mount the Vertica arm so that it could move from the standard operator’s position in the front of the machine to the rear setup location, eliminating the need for the extra pushbutton station. This also gave the operator full machine functions in both locations.

C & B has a brand new Double Disc Grinder Model DG-2-H coming out this year which will also feature the STRONGARM VERTICA arm as a key feature. Companies in search of a new choice for operator interfaces often turn to the STRONGARM family of solutions for precision manufacturing.