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PanelMount Display
Premium Quality STRONGARM-built Displays in Virtually Any Format and Touchscreen Technology

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Complete Strongarm Industrial PanelMount Display Specifications

Glass-Film-Glass (GFG) Resistive Touchscreen


Touchscreen Technologies


Resistive is the most common type of touch screen technology. It is a low-cost solution found in many touch screens, including hand-held computers, PDAs, consumer electronics, and point-of-sale-applications. The resistive screen is popular because of its relatively low price (at smaller screen sizes), and ability to use a range of input objects (fingers, gloves, hard and soft stylus).


Capacitive touch screens are all-glass and designed for use in ATMs and similar kiosk-type applications. It has better clarity than resistive technology and is durable making it suitable for industrial applications.

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)

SAW technology provides good image clarity because it uses pure glass construction. Compared to resistive and capacitive technologies, SAW provides superior image clarity, resolution and higher light transmission. However, it was originally designed for smaller screens and may not scale easily to screen sizes over 30."


Infrared technology relies on the interruption of an infrared light grid in front of the display screen. The touch frame contains a row of infrared LEDs and photo transistors, each mounted on two opposite sides to create a grid of invisible infrared light. The frame assembly comprises printed wiring boards, on which the electronics are mounted and is concealed behind an infrared-transparent bezel. Infrared touch screens are often used in manufacturing and medical applications because they can be completely sealed and operated using any number of hard or soft materials.

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