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Crevice Free Design Optimized for Clean Environments
Keyboards & Pointers
PCs and KVMs
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Big and Bright Active Matrix TFT Displays
Available in 15", 17", 19", and 22" widescreen
One-touch automatic adjustment
Extra long 5-year backlight rating
Touchscreen Technologies

Resistive Touchscreen (available for all displays)
(for 90% of all touchscreen applications)
The resistive touchscreen uses a glass panel overlay with a uniform resistive coating. A polyester coversheet is tightly suspended over the top of the glass, separated by small, transparent insulating dots. The coversheet has a hard durable coating on the outer side and a conductive coating on the inner side. When the screen is touched, the conductive coating makes electrical contact with the coating on the glass. The voltages produced are the analog representation of the position touched. The controller digitizes these voltages and transmits them to the computer for processing.

Glass-Film-Glass (GFG) Resistive Touchscreen (available for 15.1" and 19.1" displays)
(for 90% of all touchscreen applications)
The GFG Touchscreen is a resistive touchscreen with the addition of a thin borosilicate glass layer bonded to the top surface. Compared to the standard resistive touchscreen, the additional layer of the GFG Touchscreen provides protection from scratches, high temperatures, and thermal shock. Click here to download the Glass-Film-Glass (GFG) Resistive Touchscreen date sheet.
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